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Ruth Magrethe Andersen1918

Ruth Magrethe Andersen
Given names
Ruth Magrethe
Married name
Ruth Magrethe Nilsen
Birth November 29, 1918

Birth of a brotherKaj Aage Andersen
April 9, 1926 (Age 7 years)
Death of a motherValborg Marie Madsen
March 8, 1940 (Age 21 years)
Death of a fatherAnders Christian Andersen
1949 (Age 30 years)

Death of a sisterAgnethe Mariane Andersen
August 13, 1968 (Age 49 years)

Death of a sisterIrma Luise Andersen
1985 (Age 66 years)

Death of a brotherKaj Aage Andersen
June 24, 2000 (Age 81 years)

Address: bjerge byvej

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Marriage: June 14, 1908Aarby, Ars, Holbæk, Danmark
1 year
elder sister
4 years
elder sister
16 months
elder brother
2 years
elder sister
2 years
7 years
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